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Classroom Management Workshop

How to create winning conditions throughout the school year ?
How to create winning conditions throughout the school year ?


This workshop aims to bring practical and usable means from the first day of school and throughout the entire school year.


The first contact we have with our students at the beginning of the year is crucial.



Contact Bob     Dépliant Gestion de classe (french)



Subjects Tackled During Workshops

Subjects Tackled During Workshops

  • Understanding students’ behaviour.
  • Pacific principles of classroom management.
  • Rituals, instructions, consequences.
  • Questions to use during interventions.
  • Promote significant bonding.
  • Management and constructive feedback.
Trainer / Speaker / Teacher

Bob Cantin est enseignant en adaptation scolaire depuis 1984

Bob Cantin has been a teacher in high school in special education since 1984. He has the privilege to give workshops, conferences, training sessions and seminars throughout North America since 1996.


Principles addressed during sessions:

1. Positive interventions with students.
2. Learn to use peaceful communication during interventions.
3. Understanding student’s behaviors.
4. Using constructive feedbacks during student management.
5. Discussing instead of disputing.
6. Becoming captain of his class.
7. Educate and teach by being the example.
8. Building on success and on positive behaviors.
9. Energizing solutions.
10. Basic and simple down-to-earth skills to develop.
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