Bob Cantin Ressource Teacher - Formation and Speaker - Communication Pacifique

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Bob Cantin
Bob Cantin is the ressource teacher at Impact School of Mascouche

Bob Cantin is the ressource teacher at
l’Impact School of Mascouche.


He is also a member of the following associations :
  • A.Q.T.R. ( Association Québécoise de la Thérapie de la Réalité )
  • W.G.I.C. ( The William Glasser Institute of Canada )
  • A.Q.E.T.A. ( Association Québécoise des Troubles d'Apprentissage )
Certified from the William Glasser Institute of California as helping relationship therapist in Choice Therapy and Reality Therapy.


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Conferences given in academic and business settings: in Québec, Canada and North America

  • Universities
  • School Boards
  • Public and private schools
  • Private corporations
  • Daycare Centers
About the Speaker

Bob Cantin has been a Special Education teacher since 1984. He has been giving the “Classroom Management” training course since 1996. Married and father of two beautiful children who became accomplished young adults; he is convinced that we hold the power to change things for ourselves.


His philosophy:
“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”
Stephen R. Covey


His teaching is closely linked to the Reality Therapy fundamental principles. His classroom is a haven of life quality and peace where students are given value, being motivated, are encouraged and made aware that: “It’s not our aptitudes, but our attitude that determines our daily altitude” Anthony Robbins". Anthony Robbins


Seven principles make his lessons and relationships a success. They can be used in a classroom setting, at home, and on a personnel or professional level.


The student comes to realize that he is the only one responsible for his words and his actions. His students are between 13 and 18 years of age. They all have learning disabilities usually linked to behavioural problems.


The training course gives you practical and easy to implement means in order to effectively step in among people around you.


" Mr. Cantin graduated from McGill University and quickly distinguished himself in Education as a dynamic, honest and sincere teacher with a strong sense of integrity.


Bob touched others’ lives more than once already...You will find a man who is motivated, stimulating and a teacher who uses a language accessible to all!


People who had the privilege to hear his lectures and mix with him are unanimous to say that he delivers a sensible message filled with wisdom, humour and simplicity.


This speaker is the first to recognize that each day, he still discovers the wonders contained in the mysteries of Life. »


 Lucie Cadieux, directrice générale adjointe CPE Boute-en-train



Bob Cantin also offers consultations in helping relationship with:  

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